A New President

The 20th amendment to the constitution, ratified into law 84 years ago, mandates that every four years the new president be signed into their office on January 20th. On this date in 2017, Donald Trump was signed into office. 

The inauguration has been a tradition of the presidency since George Washington. His speech was, in comparison to other inaugural addresses, quite short. 

Trump’s inauguration was very much in the news in the weeks leading up to the day, and many celebrities turned down the opportunity to perform at the inauguration to exemplify their distaste for the president-elect.

Trump’s presidency began at noon on January 20th and in his speech, as most presidents do, he revealed his plans for legislation, the revocation of Obamacare, and his other outlined goals.


Since election day, many have detected a change in Trump’s rhetoric as he has backed down from previous opposition to Obamacare. Evolving from him stating his intention to completely repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, since November he has expressed interest in leaving portions of the bill intact, leading many to believe that he will work with more bipartisanship in mind than would have been guessed by his rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Conversely Trump’s cabinet picks have allowed his business-centric ideas to shine through yet again. Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, chief diplomat and arguably the most important cabinet position, is the former CEO of Exxon mobile Rex Tillerson, having no foreign experience outside commercial relations.

His pick to head the EPA is Scott Pruitt a man decried by environmentalists as he is a climate change denier who has worked closely with the fossil fuel industry. His choice for education secretary is Betsy DeVos, who has never attended or worked in a public school, and was unfamiliar with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.     

Trump is guaranteed a republican majority for the first two years of his presidency, and thus he faces little resistance from congress — ideal conditions for a president who wants to bring radical change and “drain the swamp.”

For a man who claims to be for the people rather than for Washington or corporate insiders, he certainly has brought quite a few of those into his cabinet. 

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