Trump And The Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM) started this past summer and came about due to worldwide conflicts and police brutality occurring at the time. Many people, but especially the African American communities, felt that the police brutality was out of control. People used the Black Lives Matter Movement as a way to express their emotions and try to have their voices heard, as a way for everyone to understand and try to change what was happening.

There were many types of protests that happened, such as sit-ins and peaceful marches in cities. Many people, not only from African American communities, but people of all races joined together to take a stand for the unfair treatment of the ones who were killed like Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown. These citizens were killed for what seemed like no apparent reason, and that’s what the Black Lives Matter Movement was created for. Donald Trump was recently elected to be the next president of the United States, and due to the way some people agree with his polarizing opinions, the question is: if another situation was to occur like previous protests, how would he go about handling it?

Mellany Scott (’19) stated, “I don’t think he will help at all; I actually think he’ll make it worse.” Scott feels that the Black Lives Matter Movement will continue to do what they are already doing with marches. Scott said the movement could make changes “if we go about it the right way and speak with the right people and help people who are not a part of it understand the purpose.”

Dakota Young (’18) feels that Trump won’t help at all and doesn’t think he cares. Young also feels that the Black Lives Matter Movement will be affected by more protesting. No I don’t think anything will change with the movement,” stated Young.

 Jae’lon Currence-Daniels (’18) feels that Trump will not help at all and that he and the Black Lives Matter Movement are divisive towards each other. Currence said,I personally think Donald Trump being in office will only make us stronger as we progress.” Currence also feels that the movement nationwide is rapidly growing and becoming enormous. He feels that as a whole, we can only grow and rise together.

The Black Lives Matter Movement inspired many people of all races, ethnicities, and genders to come together and take a stand. The hope is that Trump will be able to contribute positively to the movement, but many Eagles seem unsure.

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