Eagles Share Thoughts On President Trump

Donald J Trump took office on January 20, 2017. His election to some was quite shocking while for others it was considered a great thing and something to be excited about. Many people enjoy how honest Trump is and admire how he speaks his mind whenever he feels but while some like  that most about him others tend not like that side as much. Overall everyone is interested to see how he will lead the country over these next four years.

Anthony Williams (’19) stated, “ I believe that he is very bias about different things as far as race, rights and other important things a president shouldn’t be bias about.” Williams feels that Trump will bring a lot of change into the way he feels about people and things and thinks a lot of people disagree with his ways of thought. “I hope he will change the image most people have of him and become a good president for the next 4-8 years,” he said.

Lillie Aldrige (’18) says she feels that it’s going to be a big change in the economy and feels that we need it because of all the debt that America is in. “I feel like he will bring a lot of new ideas to problems that people haven’t thought of yet,” stated Aldrige. She also hopes that during his presidency all the terrorist  problems that America has been facing will come to an end.

Dennise Bennett (’18) stated “religiously I believe that Trump has his spiritual morals and in finances he will have it all covered during his presidency.” Bennett says she doesn’t like how prejudice he is towards immigrants and how ignorant he proves himself to be. Bennett would like to see Trump not be so prejudice towards any race or group of people and she would like to see an increase in economics, like minimum wage and job increases. She also hopes he won’t do away with positive things such as Obamacare, and hopes he doesn’t take that away for those who cannot afford it.  

Everyone has been watching what Trump’s done since he took over the presidency last month and are talking about what kind of changes he will bring for our country.

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