Coach Of The Month: Beth Vaughan

The coach that helped qualify East to compete in the 4A Central Regional meet, sending both men’s and women’s relay teams as well as individual event qualifiers, is none other than Coach Beth Vaughan. And she’s excited to say that “this season, it’s looking like we’ll be representing again!” Lets take a closer into what fuels our East Forsyth swim team coach.

Coach Vaughn competed in the water when she was in school as well. “I began swimming on a summer league when I was in middle school, and then went on to compete on my high school team,” she said. “More recently, I competed in two sprint triathlon,s which allowed me to get my feet wet again and use the skills and discipline of training that I learned from competing in high school sports.” With her impressive swimming resume, she continues to pass her knowledge to our school’s team.

Coach Vaughan believes she has benefited and developed from being the head coach of the East Forsyth swim team. “Coaching has called me to a higher level of discipline, perseverance and patience. I read a quote when I was preparing for the season that says, ‘If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’ by Fred Devito. My character has definitely been challenged in every facet and with that I see my continual need to learn how to be patient and have fun with the process, while at the same time still striving for excellence.”

When asked about her favorite part of coaching, Coach Vaughan said, “I enjoy witnessing the point at which the team begins to gel and when the student athletes find their strengths and take ownership of their role on the team.”

You’ll find Coach Vaughan leading the East Forsyth swim team practices Monday through Friday, at 6:45 to 8:00 AM at the Kernersville Family YMCA. Their competitions (meets) are usually held on Wednesdays, and they compete against five other conference schools in a regular conference meet.

We wish Coach Vaughan and our Eagle’s swim team luck as they finish their season! Good luck!

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