WSFCS Bond Brings New Improvements To East


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East Forsyth is over fifty years old, so with that being said, there are several things around campus that need to be updated. According to, “the Forsyth County Commissioners have agreed to place a $350 million bond referendum on the ballot on November 8th. These bonds are to provide funds to improve the safety and capacity of our schools as well as improve instructional delivery.”

The list of updates include improvements to technology, and every school will receive upgrades to provide digital access to all classrooms, as well as media center updates, including 3-D printers and mobile furniture.

The bonds would provide $3.5 million to bring all security cameras on campuses up to the district standard. These funds would also provide secure entries to all middle schools.

The project list includes $29.4 million in capital and operational improvements, which impact many schools. The project list also includes several new schools, renovations / additions to existing schools, and projects to increase safety and transportation access to some schools.

East Forsyth High would receive $20.1 million for extensive renovations, plus another $725,000 to update heat and air-conditioning units in the 1000 building and gym.

Ms. Keyes, a teacher in the Pods who travels to many classrooms around campus said, “The bond means that we are going to get the technology we need to better the needs of students. Some of our buildings are going to get updates; they really need to make the school a better environment for everyone.”

As of November 8th, the bond referendum was approved and set to begin. According to “It’s something that school leaders say is long overdue because there are more students.” The last bond referendum was approved 10 years ago and enrollment has increased by more than 6,000 students since then, especially in the western and southern parts of the county.

The bond will give students more access to technology. “You can see a lot of benefits when kids have access to that kind of opportunity,” said Superintendent Beverly Emory.

What kind of improvements do you think are needed on campus?

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  1. Updates sound very nice, but they better not strip all that woodwork out of those old buildings. It’s what gives them elegance and why I cared so much about the school when I went there, class of 08. I still care about it to this day and I am praying that they do not sterilize those buildings, making them look like the 1100 building. I’m supposed to be talking with Collin Moore soon, the head of facilities planning, to talk about these renovations and where everything will be going.


    • tabitha we are suffering in these buildings that are older than your parents and all you care about is how they look like what ?????


      • No that is not entirely true. I know they need upgrades, but it doesn’t have to involve gutting it. From what I read in the presentations, they don’t plan to do that anyway. All I know that they are planning to replace is the windows, front doors, lockers, and AC units. It doesn’t mention anything about tearing out the stuff in the classrooms. That’s all I am concerned about.


    • lady these buildings are old as dirt and sometimes it feels like that’s what the floor is made out of. you don’t go here anymore tupperthibera !!!!!! i hope they demolish the buildings and replace them one at a time instead of keeping the “antique” “beautiful” dinosaur wood


  2. But I volunteer!

    Well if that happens, I’ll make sure to rescue all that stuff out of the building and put it in my basement. I am in the process of designing a home lounge and that stuff would be perfect for it. I’m a designer. I’m not dumb nor am I playing dumb. Please don’t think that. I understand 21st century needs. I understand safety. I understand that the buildings are old, but weren’t the ceilings, lights, bathrooms, and electrical systems in the rooms replaced ten years ago in 2005-2006? If they do rebuild the buildings, I can custom design and build interiors for them. In fact, I would love to do that.


  3. I got no problem with that once I figure where I will keep it at until I start on the project, though I seriously believe it should stay in the building. I know how to make that building look like a five star Vegas hotel inside and yet still be a top notch state of the art 21st century fully decked out high school. I got spirit, yes I do. There’s a lot of fun upgrades that can be done in terms of technology. There’s Virtual Reality which would allow for virtual field trips and mess free dissections for Biology. With interactive projectors, those boards could become interactive IMAX screens and still be functional for other stuff. The students would love that. I only dreamed of something like that when I was there. It would make class videos and presentations much more interesting. It’s interactive learning with full immersion into it with a 200″ screen! Tables instead of desks would allow for a collaborative atmosphere that fits the 21st century learning environment. I’ve been doing research on every bit of this stuff. I’m aware that all of the rooms are supposed to receive new PC upgrades. Solar rooftops would be a nice thing to have as well. It would save on energy costs drastically. I’m not a normal kid as you can tell because none of the kids at East when I was there had as much spirit as I did. I won most memorable my senior year because of how much I cared for those buildings and all of the awesome stuff I wanted to do in those rooms. I used the board pretty much like an aerial dance rig and would climb on it and perform for the students whenever we had special free time. I loved it. I was a flying eagle. 😀 Can’t do stuff like that in the 1100 building. It would break! I literally begged the Spanish teachers as well as others to let me host parties in them because they were better than the 1100 building to me, well, they looked better than it, plus they got bigger windows and let more light in than in the 1100 building. Honestly, there is a different more warm feeling in those older buildings than the newer ones. I am not the only one who feels that way as there are past alumni as well as teachers who were there in my four years who have the same feelings about it. When my 10 yr reunion comes up in 2018, I’d love to be able to have a party in one of those rooms with the alumni, a five star elegant, dress to the tee event in there. It literally would be a dream to me. #SaveTheBoardroomsSaveTheNest


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