NBA Predictions And Super-Teams


After a lonesome four and a half months without basketball, it’s finally back. Last season, the game seven thriller in the 2016 NBA Finals resulted in the Cleveland Cavaliers taking their first title in franchise history. With 2014 MVP Kevin Durant going to Golden State, we now have the chance to watch a super team: the Golden State Warriors, who had the best regular season in NBA history with a 73-9 record, and who also ended up losing to the Cavaliers in the finals.

The Golden State Warriors are anticipated to be easy favorites to win the NBA title this year. They will have a tough time still with the newly upgraded San Antonio Spurs with the addition of Pau Gasol. And they will also have trouble from their finals counterparts, the Cleveland Cavaliers who are still capable of beating the Warriors.

Sam Peddycord (‘18) who is a die hard LeBron James fan claimed, “The Warriors are not going to win the title because they won’t have any team chemistry. Not everybody is gonna be able to be the star and I’m not sure who is going to be willing to give that up.” He also added, “Nobody will be able to stop the Cavs if they have a healthy Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.”

Eli Jones (‘18) claimed the opposite. “The Warriors without a doubt will win the title easily this year,” he said. “They are just too good in every position than any other team. Every super-team that is in their prime has always been able to work out the chemistry issues.” This actually is not true based on the records of previous super-teams that we have seen in the past.

The 2011 Miami Heat were easy favorites to win the championship, but they were taken down in the Finals by a hard-working, experienced Dallas Mavericks team that had wonderful chemistry.

Blake Williams (‘18) said, “The Warriors won’t have the problem of the Heat because most of those guys have already won a championship already. They’re only actually adding one player who will just make that team a million times better. They will take this championship easily if they’re all healthy.” All we can do now is get our popcorn, lay-back, and get ready to watch this season unfold for the next 8 months.

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