Social Studies Honor Society Inducts New Members

It’s always such a great achievement to be accepted into any society. An amazing opportunity has come for some of the students here at East, and that is being accepted into the Social Studies Honor Society! Not only is it a great club, but it also opens doors for future opportunities and shows colleges that students are committed to the study of social studies.

Mackenzie Smoak (’18) stated, “I am excited to be inducted because history has always been a favorite subject of mine. I am excited to be able to share my enthusiasm for history with others.” Smoak says she is looking forward mostly to meeting new people and expanding her knowledge of history and going on field trips. She feels that this will be beneficial for her because she will able to increase her knowledge in history and to be exposed to more history items.

Beth Rodgers (’18) said, “I’m excited to be inducted! I’ve really enjoyed my social studies classes and it will be fun to be a part of a group who feels the same.”

Rodgers says she is looking forward to being involved in a club that will not only be fun, but will also help build her resume for future applications. “I think this club will help show universities my dedication to my school work and extra curricular activities and hopefully influence colleges to accept me,”she said.

Kate Haas (’18) said, “I feel great about being inducted!” Haas says that she is looking forward to colleges seeing this on her resume and being impressed.

Being part of the Social Studies Honor Society is an amazing accomplishment and everyone who was inducted should be very proud of themselves! if you are interested in joining this honor society, be on the lookout for applications next year. Congratulations to all of the new inductees!

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