Basketball Season Is Upon Us!

The long awaited basketball season has finally arrived and everyone is excited for the Eagles to fly onto the court! We are looking forward to the new season and how this varsity team is going to work together. The program is bringing players up from all grades, and Coach Muse is also bringing up many Junior Varsity players because he lost a lot of seniors last year. Many people are skeptical of the new team but the players know that they have to go out and change everyone’s opinion.

Now that the football season is nearing it’s end, people are starting to shift their focus to basketball. Daniel Van Brunt (‘18), a junior at East, is quite excited about the season. When asked what he thinks of the upcoming season, he said, “I’m really looking forward to the new season and what our school can do with this new team. Basketball is always my fall back once the football season ends so I’m glad it’s finally here.”

Even the teachers are getting into the hype for the upcoming season. Ms. Wiles, an English teacher here at East, sells tickets for the sporting events at East so she is always close to the game, and she is excited that the season has finally arrived. She commented on her excitement, saying “It’s always fun to sell tickets and get into the games for free, but the best part is seeing all the school spirit in the stands and the support our program gets.” The whole school wants to see what we can make out of the season.

The team is focusing on success more than ever. When asked about what he is expecting from himself and the team this season, Kamron Martin (‘17), said “Our goals are obviously to try and win every game and make it to states, but our short term goal is to win The Frank [a tournament] in whatever bracket we can. My expectations for the team are that we might start slow because the team has not been together very long, and we haven’t molded, but once we get through a few games, we will be very competitive to dominate.”

We wish the team the best of luck when it comes to achieving these goals and we are ready to see what the team can bring back for East!

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