Athlete Of The Month: Kamron Martin

Basketball season is upon us and stand-out performances by players are bound to come. But this season, Kamron Martin (‘17) is determined to show off his talents and athleticism. Martin has been in the weight room and gym day-in and day-out working on his shot. Being a senior, he knows that he has a large role as an experienced leader in the score books. Martin said, “I think my meaning on this team is to be a senior leader and help the team in any way possible.” He knows he has a large role and he is determined to produce for the team.

For Martin, basketball has always been a passion. In his opinion, basketball players have more autonomy and influence on the outcome of the game, more so than in many other team sports. In addition to that, he feels as though the basketball “program at East is one that isn’t solely focused on winning, but on forming boys into productive and responsible men in society.” Martin values his team experience and knows that his learned skills will help him be a successful collaborator in his future career.

Most senior seasons are supposed to be laid back and fun, but this is where Martin differs from other senior athletes. Martin has a much different mind set. He sees this season as his standout season where he’s going to prove everyone wrong. He is willing to put in all the work needed to help his team win. When asked about what he enjoys the most about the game of basketball and playing for the team, he said, “What I enjoy most from playing is when all five players on the court are working together to enjoy a common goal.”

Martin is really going to miss this basketball program after he graduates because he has been a part of it all four years, and he won’t go down without a fight. Martin said, “I’m definitely going to miss this basketball program and all the teammates and coaches I have met and became friends with through the past four years. They helped me grow as a player and a person.”

The new season looks promising with Martin steering the team to victory. He is bound for success with his drive and his future looks promising. We wish Martin will have a very successful season as he establishes himself as a dominant player and person on and off the court. 

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