‘Tis The Season for Hallmark Movies

Courtesy of thriftyjinxy.com

Courtesy of thriftyjinxy.com

As the holiday season grows closer, the time to watch your favorite cheesy holiday movie on the Hallmark channel is here! Christmas is quickly approaching, and Hallmark is showing everyone’s favorite movies to get viewers into the holiday spirit.

Candace Cameron Bure hosted a five night Thanksgiving movie event this year. The event began on November 23rd and lasted through the 27th, with a premiere of a new original movie each night. The five movie premieres were Broadcasting Christmas, Christmas in Homestead, Christmas List, A Heavenly Christmas, and Journey Back to Christmas. 

According to thefutoncritic.com, in 2015 Hallmark Channel’s Thanksgiving multi-movie event was the network’s highest-ever rated week. The Hallmark Channel attracted more than 80 million viewers in 2015. With the great success from the event last year, the expectations were high for the event this year.

The official “Countdown to Christmas” tradition began on October 28th and will conclude on January 1st. Hallmark is preparing to release many new holiday movies throughout the course of these months, including The Mistletoe Promise, which was released on November 5th, and Every Christmas has a Story, which premiered on November 12th.

Other new Hallmark originals include A December Bride, A Dream of Christmas, and A Nutcracker Christmas (hallmarkchannel.com).

Ashlyn Stone (’17) said, “I love the holiday season because there is always a move to watch on the Hallmark channel! It’s very relaxing to be able to drink hot chocolate and watch a cheesy holiday movie while it’s cold outside. One of my Hallmark favorites is A Bride for Christmas. It always puts me in the holiday spirit! I can’t wait to watch the Thanksgiving movie event this year because there are going to be so many new movie premieres.”

To test your knowledge on Hallmark holiday movies, take the “Holiday Movie Trivia Quiz” on hallmarkchannel.com, and make sure to check the Hallmark schedule for new movie releases!

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