Superfans Lead Student Section Hype

screenshot_20161114-145412_1Football is a main staple of East Forsyth culture. Many students love attending football games, especially when it means sitting in the student section. Some of these students are known as “Superfans.”

Superfans is a club sponsored and run by Ms. Wiles. The club has over 65 members whose focus is to bring pep and school spirit to football games and other school sports. Ms. Wiles said, Superfans is responsible for the theme, banner, and bringing school spirit throughout the day of the game.

Every week at the football game, students dress-up according to a chosen common theme to encourage sportsmanship and cheer on our teams. Themes have included Toga Night, Neon Night, White-Out Night, Spirit Wear Night, and many more. 


Football has become such a huge part of students lives every Friday, which is deemed game day. Games are the social spot to be, and they kick off every weekend with a bang. And it doesnt hurt that our football team is exceptional… winning games fills the entire Eagle community with pride.

The student section is a reserved area in the bleachers at football games where the students stand and cheer. The Superfans club is responsible for running and organizing the student section. They lead cheers, support the Cheerleaders and Eaglettes, and make sure all of the students are having fun! Vice President of Superfans, Aleksey Bugg (17) said, Running the student section is really fun.

Lyndon Harmon (19) can always be found in the student section, and as a Superfan, she is a huge supporter of the football team. Harmon said, My favorite part of the [Friday night experience] is the pre-game and hanging out with friends. For many students, themes are a huge part of the night, and some students get very elaborate with their outfits. Lyndon said that the themes are really fun, and that her favorite theme is Toga night.

The Superfans club is a huge part of the community here at East Forsyth. Their reach is far and they make the games much more interesting. If you are interested in joining Superfans in the future, see Ms. Wiles in Room 505!

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