Star Wars Through The Years


A long time ago in a decade far far away, Star Wars began its quest to produce many successful films. It all started in 1977 when the very first StarWars movie hit the big screen. The saga has been around for almost 40 years and continues to keep its audience coming back for more.

The movies of this great series have had ups and downs, considering that many people felt disappointed in the prequels. “They are great, they use the same concept and has even withstood the test of time,” said Tyler Douglas (’17). The audience for the Star Wars movies is huge and ranges through all generations; anyone alive could be a fan. “The movies are cool, and I like them,” said Sage Martineau (’17).

Considering Star Wars has been around for almost 40 years it should be safe to say that the series of movies will keep living on for an even longer period of time. “I think they will keep on making movies even after I die, probably,” said Douglas. But in reality, they will likely keep making movies for as long as the movies are profitable for production companies and other industries.

Pretty much all of the fans of Star Wars want Disney to keep making movies, as long as they are good! When asked about whether he wanted to see more movies, Douglas said it “depends if the upcoming movies are crap or not.” However, based on audience trends in the past, many people will probably go see a Star Wars movie even if it is bad.

Star Wars has changed quite a bit throughout the years with all the different types of content that has been released. Storytelling has jumped off the silver screen and has appeared in the form of books, television shows, mini series, and even games.There are also many untouched stories within the Star Wars universe; maybe we will see a movie based off of the old republic. With every year that passes, one thing is for sure: the fan base will always be increasing.

What kind of Star Wars movie would you see in the future? Tweet your idea and tag @EFeagles!

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