Athlete Of The Month: Amira Watson


The Eaglettes have always been known as a very close group. Amira Watson (’17) is one of the Eaglettes who sets the example and leads this squad with kindness and camaraderie. The team always puts on an excellent show at halftime during football games and basketball games, as well  at other school events. Watson’s energy is contagious and the team shares this energy during their performances. But it’s the leadership that Watson displays that caused us to select her as this issue’s Athlete of the Month.

We spoke with Watson about her experiences on Eaglettes. Watson said, “My favorite moment usually happens right before we take the field. The adrenaline is crazy and it’s so exciting right before we start a dance.” Addie Ronchetti (’18) stated, “Anytime before we perform, we hold hands in a circle, point our right foot into the circle and pray. It shows how close we are.” Whether it’s on or off the dance floor (field?), there are always favorite moments as a squad.

What makes Watson a great leader among this team is founded in the way she is dedicated to dance. She said, “I started dancing when I was two because my mom just kind of put me in it to see if I liked it, and I really did. As I grew up and tried some other sports, I didn’t like anything as much as dance.”

Her teammates also recognize this dedication and leadership, as well as the way she executes this leadership at practices and performances. Ronchetti said, “She has great work ethic and her having dance experience outside of Eaglettes has shaped her to be the amazing dancer she is. It brings a diversity of skills to the team.” Alicia Taylor (’18) said, “She keeps us focused and she’s really nice and funny about it; she’s also a really good overall dancer and choreographer.”

Watson’s dedication to the Eaglettes and dancing in general is unquestionable. She always puts in effort and hard work, and it fuels the other teammates to be the same way. We wish Amira Watson and the Eaglettes the best of luck with the rest of their season.

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