Homecoming 2016-17

Congratulations to all the girls, and now guys, for making Homecoming Court 2017! On October 7th, here at East Forsyth, seniors Matt Finnegan and Keturah Johnson were announced King and Queen! Many candidates applied, and after much voting a Court was decided, and soon after so were King and Queen.

In previous years, there was no Homecoming King, but now — along with many other changes like the uniform dress code — a King has been included. Mrs. Cresimore, who helped with Homecoming said, “We interviewed a group of seniors at the beginning of the year and we asked about having a King and they said, ‘Let’s do it’.” A lot of people here like the idea of awarding the position of a Homecoming King! Chase Rivers (‘17), a candidate in the Homecoming Election said, “It’s awesome! It’s an awesome addition to an already great tradition!”

The competition seemed to be getting tougher with each passing year, but let’s congratulate not only the King, Queen, and Court, but all who tried and were put on the ballot, including freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors! Over 20 senior girls appeared on the ballot for Queen, and after a few marks of the pencil, we had arrived at our Homecoming Court including:

  • Kings: Matt Finnegan, Willie Leak, Harrison Parker, Chase Rivers, Eric Traughber, Tyler West, and Tanner Whicker
  • Queens: Serena Crosby-Brown, Aleksey Bugg, Michaela Bullard, Maggie Davis, Emma Harrison, Claire Hughes, Keturah Johnson, Cassidy Poindexter, Cari Ponce, Sarah Snider, Amira Watson, and Paige Watts

Amira Watson (‘17), a previous Court runner during her junior year, said, “I’m pretty excited that I might be Homecoming Queen! The chances are really good for all of us; there are some great candidates and I hope someone who rightfully earns the honor gets it.”

Not only is Homecoming King new, but so is the attire. It’s now all black and white, but it turned out to be well-liked. Cresimore said, “We wanted something different from prom. Someone said West does it and it looks really nice so we wanted it to be a more formal event and less prom-like. Something different this year.”

The new attire consisted of short solid black dresses for 9-11th grade girls, and a long black dress for senior girls. The guys looked, as always, sharper than ever in their suits and ties!

While this year was full of changes, everyone’s still excited for their 2016-17 Homecoming King and Queen, Matt and Keturah!



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