Home-Stretch To The End Of The First Semester


The end of the first semester is quickly approaching: that time of year when everyone runs around like crazy, trying to make sure they’ve turned in all their work so they can finish out the quarter on top.

With first quarter already finished, and second quarter more than halfway done,  making sure grades are well put together may be a struggle for some. There are tons of ways to boost your grade up though. And the best way to do that is to stay organized and motivated. Some students look to complete extra credit, but sometimes that’s not enough to bring up your grade (if your teacher offers it as an option). So the best way to make sure you have good grades is to try and be as prepared as possible (and don’t let yourself procrastinate) so that you won’t have to be in a frenzy during finals week.

Raiyona Rice (’18) said she is going to try and focus better on keeping her grades up. Rice feels that her grades will be good by the end of the semester and she will continue to make honor roll. Rice told us that she would try to “not let so many distractions get in the way and to avoid people who are not going to motivate [her] to do better.” That is her tip for herself, but it’s something many other students need to embrace as well.

Brandon Raynor  (’19) stated, “of course my goal for next quarter is to make straight As.” Raynor feels that by the end of the next quarter he will have either all As, and if not all As, he’ll be very close to it. He knows that if he doesn’t make good grades, he won’t be eligible to play sports. Raynor said his tips for finishing the semester strong would be to go to tutoring if help is needed, to study notes, and to do daily things that make your grade better like homework or class work.

Carley Goff (’18) said her goal is to make all As in all of her classes too. “I am going to study as much as I can and take more notes,” said Goff. She feels that she will have at least A-B honor roll and no less than that.

For some, the end of the quarter brings stress, but for others, it can be one of the smoothest transitions simply because they take the appropriate amount of steps to make sure they end courses with great grades. Remember that for block courses, your first quarter and second quarter grades each count for 40% of your total course grade, so don’t let your second quarter grade slip away from you!

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