November Madness in College Football

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This college football season has been filled with many upsets, new teams among the top of the college polls, and players who have shined and broken records. Everyone knows that preseason predictions don’t stay true in college football, or in any sport for that matter, but nobody expected it to be such a crazy season.

Some new teams have entered this season with an unstoppable force, and while they didn’t show signs of having any hold ups, nobody expected them to get quite this far. Luke Kimrey (’18) said, “The most underrated team is Western Michigan. Just because they don’t play all high quality teams like Ohio State or teams like that, doesn’t mean they aren’t as good as recognizable teams. They are still undefeated and stand a great chance for any team in the top 25.” Parker Rickansrud (’18) went with a more popular team and commented, “Wisconsin is a huge sleeper team because despite the record they have right now, they still have talent to possibly make it to the playoffs.”

While these teams may shine in their respective conferences or throughout the league, people have a different team in mind to win the national championship. Kimrey added, “The team that will win it all is the Michigan Wolverines, they have the best coach in college football  and their team is good enough to back it up.” Ashlyn Howerton (’17) said, “I believe Ohio State will win because they come out every season and are among the top of the league. Granted, they won a championship two seasons ago, but I believe they will win it all again this season.”

Despite people predicting who will win the national championship, many will have a favorite to cheer for, regardless of how good or bad the team is doing. Howerton said, “My favorite team is NC State because my dad and uncle went there and now my sister goes there.” Rickansrud voiced a different opinion, saying ” I like Tennessee because of the atmosphere at the college.”

This college football season has been one to remember. Whether you watch for a specific team or just to enjoy the sport itself, there’s no question that this season has been exciting.

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