Teachers And Students Debrief The Election

The election season has been a strenuous one for all Americans as it was the most turbulent controversial election America has ever seen. Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was pronounced the winner of the 2016 presidential election beating opponent Hillary Clinton with 279 electoral votes and Hillary only reaching 228 (at the time this article was written).

“I thought the results were surprising and speak to that fact that many Americans are unhappy with politics as usual,” says Civic and Economics teacher Mrs. Watson. Furthermore she added, “I think President Trump will be very different from candidate Trump. For most part our day-to-day lives will change very little.”

Both of the candidates had among the highest disapproval ratings among Americans, with even the winner, Donald Trump, losing the popular vote. 

Lauren Ortiz (’17) who identifies as a Democrat, said she didn’t really agree with any candidates. However she said she “hesitantly” had to back up Hillary as she disliked the other options even more.

Trump took most of the swing states by storm and surprisingly took traditionally Democratic states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida. It was a major loss for the Democrats, as not only did they lose the presidency, they also lost the US Senate and the House of Representatives to the Republicans, who now dominate the seats.

Many Americans are calling for a unity between both parties. Chase Rivers (’17)  weighed in on the election saying, “I think it [the election] really spoke to what America, is not just as a country, but as a unified whole.” He added that although he’s not happy with the outcome on Tuesday, he recognizes people grow up differently and have opposing opinions. “It’s your job to respect that.”

The reactions to the new president-elect have resulted in many protests nationwide and the hashtag #NotMyPresident trended for days after election night. Many marginalized groups fear the next four years will bring regressive policies. Following the election, the call for unity was proven to be even harder as backlash sparked when Steve Bannon, who ran an anti-Semitic and nationalist website called Breibart, was appointed Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor for Trump.

“I think that privileged people don’t understand how badly this will affect POC [people of color], members of the LGBT community, and basically anyone who isn’t white. I think that if you’re not fearing for your life, you are privileged,” said Teresa Gonzalez (’17).

This means that as members of the East Forsyth community, we need to work harder to promote tolerance and unity on campus.



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