Students React To The Woods Of Terror


“Ahhhhhhh!” exclaims the extremely scared, but over reactant girl walking through the “haunted” theme park at the Greensboro attraction. Something about us humans enjoys being scared half to death, and there is no better way to do that than to visit the one and only…Woods of Terror!

Not everyone likes to be scared, and not everyone enjoys Halloween, but the majority of us questionable teens get a thrill our of a thriller. The Woods of Terror in Greensboro provides us with chills brought from characters dressed as our favorite evil beings, most of whom jump out and scream in our faces. But don’t let them smell your fear, because once they do, you are in for a ride you won’t want to be on.

Daniel Holder (’17) said, “I love Halloween because it gives me feeling for my life. I love it also because I get to dress up like something that actually represents my soul, [laughs creepily] …something dark and mysterious.” As Holder prepared his get-up for Halloween, he also talked about why he likes the Woods of Terror and such attractions. “Woods of Terror perfectly captures a real life thriller,” he said. “They convey the feel of several horror movies and it makes me feel like I’m starring in the next horror film. Attractions like those always make it feel more like Halloween, it’s tradition, being scared to the point where I may use the bathroom always gets me in the spirit.”

While Holder was excited to connect with his inner darkness, others said they avoid Halloween attractions or anything horror-related. Alexis Waynick (’17) said “anything scary is not in my agenda for Halloween. I like horror movies and that is about as scary as I get. I can’t handle having clowns laugh and scream in my face, I’d be the one to punch them at the trail and get in trouble.”

Theresa Deputy (’17) said, “Woods of Terror is definitely my favorite part of Halloween; I love getting scared every year. And I love seeing all the crazy, inventive costumes they wear.”

Some love getting scared, others not so much. Whether you are brave enough to enter into the trap of Woods of Terror or you are more of a popcorn and horror movie marathon enthusiast, Halloween has always been a favorite holiday. For all of the scaredy-cats out there, we hope you enjoy your winter holiday season as much as some of us love Halloween!

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