Women’s Basketball Teams Look To Raise The Bar


As East Forsyth fall sports end, winter sports begin. And along with the winter sports comes women’s basketball! Coached by Doug Lakis, the Lady Eagles went 13-12 last year (6-4 in conference), winning 52% of their total games. Though if you ask any Lady Eagles team member, she will tell you that they are seeking to raise the bar higher.

“I truly believe we’ll have a great season, and that we’ll win most of our games,” said East Forsyth Varsity Women’s Basketball player, Chloe Pike (’19). “The team just has good chemistry, and we’re all really positive.” Pike said she has learned to play defense better with the help of playing lacrosse in the off-season. She recommended playing multiple sports to overall better yourself.

“I think we’re gonna have fun this season,” said player, Madison Joines (’19). “I think that we have good team chemistry and it’s going to help us be successful this year.” Joines also said she learned “that it’s not okay to let people cut your face.” For those of you who have never heard this phrase, it means not defending an opponent who runs past you. She also added that “it’s very important to have confidence.” When asked about the season, Joines said, “I think that the women’s basketball team is composed of talented girls with lots of personality. I’m excited  to play with them!”

The 12-person team will be lead by four captains: Abigail Williams (’16), Peyton Kerr (’16), Deaja Richardson (’19), and Amaria McNear (’19).

East Forsyth Women’s Varsity Basketball will play a total of 25 scheduled games this season, not including playoffs. 10 games will be conference, nine games will be non conference, and six will be tournament games. Women’s JV Basketball only has 11 scheduled games this season.

Women’s Varsity Basketball had their first game at Walkertown High School on Tuesday, November 15th at Walkertown, and the JV team’s first game was November 18th at Ronald Reagan High School.

We wish our Lady Eagles luck as they continue to play their best this season. We encourage you to come out to their games and support both teams!

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