Model United Nations Club

A new year, a new club! In 2016 the Eagles have been introduced to many new things, and now we welcome a new student organized group to campus: Model United Nations.

Model United Nations is a club where students pick or are assigned a country and they have to keep up to date with the political and social happenings of their country; it also helps the students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. This club is also able to compete in competitions across the nation. Thomas McCallister (‘19) created this club, with the help of the history teacher Ms. Lawrence and fellow reporter Tre Woods (’19). “I wanted to get people interested in political problems that are affecting the world and to help come up with solutions to these problems.”

Much like McCallister, Ms. Lawrence felt like the students needed to be more aware of global issues, which is why she chose to sponsor the club. “The more that they raise awareness, the more we can raise awareness on international problems. The more that we can do that the better off we as a society will be. If kids are interested I am more than happy to help out.”

This club involves a lot of debating, which is what Vice President Emma Lawson (‘19) enjoys about the club. “I like to debate and be with my friends, which is why this club is great for me. I get to hang out with my friends and debate!” she said.

“I like that I can see other peoples views on the problems we discuss and that we can help each other to figure out a solution that benefits everyone,” McCallister stated.

Our own United Nations club holds meetings every first and last Tuesday of the month in room 408 with Ms. Lawrence after school. Anyone is welcome to come and they are still allowing people to join their club! “I hope that the students after the current groups keep up the traditions and the club and continue the positivity,” Ms. Lawrence said. 

There has been an increase in conversation on campus about global issues, and joining United Nations would be an excellent way learn more about international relations, especially if you want to pursue a related field in the future.

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