Eagles Take Over Renaissance Festival


Every year in Huntersville, North Carolina, the Carolina Renaissance Festival brings visitors from all around the state, and some from all around the country.

This past October, several classes at East Forsyth: AP Literature, NC Literature, and Intermediate Theatre classes, all went on a field trip to Huntersville where they were able to experience the fun and educational benefits that the Carolina Renaissance Festival has to offer.

The festival is full of well trained and committed actors with well thought out sets. Reese Barker (’17) has gone to the fair each fall for the past few years. She said, “I absolutely love the costumes and the sets are really good. I think the production value is good for what the festival is.” Quality is a key principle at the Renaissance Festival. Actors are keen on making visitors really feel immersed in the history of the medieval period. Alexandra Scott (’17) said, “I loved how all the workers were actually dressed up like it was the renaissance and talked like it too.” Sets take months to prepare so that they can be perfect for guests.


East students were very excited about the immersion of the festival, and many students dressed up and went all out with their own costumes. Many of the girls also wore hair ribbons and wreaths. Shayne Maggard (’18) said, “My favorite part was seeing all the shows! They are all so creative and funny.” Maggard was not alone in her opinion; the shows were a favorite for many students, including Alexa Fernandez (’19) who visited the Festival with her Theatre class. She said, “I loved the shows, especially the one person ones like Geoff! They were funny and actually taught me stuff.” For others it was the jousting, a key attraction for the Renaissance Festival, that became the highlight of their experience.


The only complaints from students were that the prices at the festival were rather high, and that the temperature was too warm the day they visited, but all in all the festival was a success! If you would like to attend the Renaissance Festival next fall, sign up for a class that plans on attending (and get your costume ready)!

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