Finance Academy Winter Semi-Formal

The Finance Academy is an educational program that was made in 1982. It has helped students who want to be in business careers in the future or students who want to own their own business.

For the past four years, the Finance Academy has held their own dance with the help of Mrs. Schurman. To attend you must be part of the Finance Academy but they are allowed to bring a date or a friend that is not apart of the Finance Academy.

Sarah Hintz (‘17) has been apart of the Finance Academy since her sophomore year of high school and has enjoyed the dance every time she has attended. “It’s nice to have this dance as a kind of reward for joining the Finance Academy. It’s nice to have something to go to dressed all fancy and just hosted by our group.”

Much like Hintz, Madison Deeny (’17) also likes to attend the dance because of the opportunity to get all dressed up and to get to hang out with her friends as well.

“The dance was a lot of fun! I like that the only way you can go is if you’re in the finance academy. It kind of makes me feel like it’s an exclusive event,” Deeny stated.

“My favorite thing is seeing all grade levels in the same place mingling and meeting each other!  It’s not often we’re able to get all 160 students in the academy together, but this is one event that seems to bring most people together,” Mrs. Schurman said.

Hopefully everyone had a grand time!

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