Spirit Week 2016


Every year during the week of homecoming, our fellow Eagles celebrate with Spirit Week. With spirit week in previous years consisting of fun events like twin day, decade day, character day, and more, Eagles look forward to this week at the start of each school year, and Spirit Week 2016 was not any different.

Spirit Week has been a tradition at East Forsyth for as long as anyone can remember. Everyone loves the themed days and the lunch time games. This year we had Bum Day, Sports Center Day, America Day, Throwback Thursday, and Eagle Wear Day. 

Ashley Wiles, an English and Journalism teacher, has been participating in Spirit Week six out of the past seven years she has been teaching. She is now also in charge of helping decide what the themes will be for each day of the week.

Janasi Rawlings (‘17) has participated in Spirit Week every year of her high school career. “I like to participate because it shows how much I love this school,”  Rawlings stated. Out of the range of days you have to choose from, Rawlings favorite day is Bum Day. “Bum Day has always been my favorite day because I can just roll out of bed and dress like I don’t care.”

Anelise Harris (‘20) has participated in her first Spirit Week in high school, but it is not her last. “My first Spirit Week was fun. It was hard coming up with some outfits, but it was fun seeing everyone else dress up,” she stated. Much like Rawlings her favorite day was Bum Day, “…I bum it everyday so I was enjoying everyone bumming along with me!”

Some enjoy Spirit Week for the daily themes that the students participate in, like Harris, while others enjoy this eventful week for the sheer amount of school spirit that can be found around campus.

No matter if you participate in Spirit Week or not, faculty and students alike love how the school comes together in preparation for our Homecoming game.

Hopefully this year’s Spirit Week has been as much fun as the past spirit weeks. What themes would you like to see next year? Tweet #EFSpiritWeek to @EfEagles!

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