For The Passion Of The Game

Photo Creds to Coach Terri

Photo Credit to Coach Terry

East Forsyth High School is well known through out Forsyth County for being dominant in our sports programs. Most of the community knows East for their great play in football and baseball, but certain sports end up in the shadows of the football and baseball seasons, like volleyball. East’s volleyball teams have done well, but they don’t get much attention compared to other sports. Even though they get over-shadowed, the team still strives to be the best and grow together, which they have done magnificently.

The team is well-rounded and is led by a very experienced coach who has a love for the game: Coach Terry. She is a veteran of the game and loves to spread her passion. When asked about why she coaches the varsity volleyball team here at East, she said, “Because I have such a love and passion for volleyball I wanted to share my knowledge with younger children.”

She also said, “It’s not just for the win, I want to see growth in the girls I want to see them take on the love for the game. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the girls playing in college because it’s hard to make it to that level, but it’s great seeing them play in adult leagues or tournaments.”

Coach Terry’s passion for the game comes from when she was in high school. She was deeply involved with the basketball and volleyball teams. She played all through out high school and even in college and it is even better seeing her lead the team and help the team grow as people and players.

Most of the team has molded well and have grown great friendships. Chemistry is the key to success in sports. Volleyball isn’t just some sport you sign up for, you have to have a history for the game or you won’t fully understand the game and what it means to play. When asked about why she plays, Sidney Cameron (’19) answered, “I play volleyball because I  grew up playing it and it’s always fun to play. I’ve also made a lot of friends playing and we’re doing really well. It’s always good to have a chip on your shoulder.”

The Eagles are off to a great start of the season and they don’t plan to slow down, so they continue their dominance being led by Coach Terry and her charisma. They are slowly growing in popularity, as well as with their success — and due to all the seniors on the roster this year. We wish the best for the volleyball team and the rest of their season, and we hope to see more fans in the bleachers come next game!

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