Fall Fashion 2K16

Despite the difficulty of getting in the fall spirit when it’s still 85 degrees in September, Fall has always been a favorite season. So let’s see what is in store for fall fashion this year.

Alexis Waynick (‘17) said her favorite fall must-haves include “cute clothes, like scarves, ugg boots, and sweaters! Uggs are definitely my must have.” Her favorite aspect of fall is “the holidays. Especially Thanksgiving because it brings the family all together and gives me inspiration for new outfit ideas, but I kind of always wear my own style regardless of what others are wearing.” I’m glad to hear that being original is still a thing! And I’m sure every girl can never get tired of a good ole pair of Uggs.

As far as new styling goes, Jessica Howe (‘17), said “Piko shirts are a new fashion I’m excited to wear because they are very cute and perfect for fall to wear with a blanket scarf.” For those who don’t know what a piko shirt is, it is a very soft fabric tee shirt made longer and looser for a comfortable and cute fit, and they typically are tighter on the arms. Howe’s fall essential of course includes “bean boots because they are perfect for the cold and the rain, especially at East because the breezeways become a lake.” If you go to East, you know there’s a fine print on our school supply list, stating rain-boots are a must have.

Boys! We cannot forget about the fashion savvy boys around East and how their fall fashion differs. Devon Odom (‘18), commented that “getting to wear my fall sweaters and my favorite clothing lines such as Vineyard Vines, Polo, and Nike is absolutely my favorite thing about fall.” Polo is certainly making a comeback this year! “My go-to outfit has to include a sweater or a Nike jacket and Bean Boots.”

Bean Boots are not just for girls! Guys can rock them just as easily. When asked what other accessories guys can wear to enhance their fall fashion, Odom simply addressed that “confidence is the only essential anyone needs. Whatever they look good in and feel good in is fashionable to me.”

That’s all you need to know for fall fashion 2016, confidence is the ultimate key at successfully rocking your fall fashion and style.

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