Athlete Of The Month: Sirod Cook


Even though a breakout season happened last year for this outstanding athlete, he’s already proved to us that this year is just as exceptional for him. With leadership, physicality, and hard work, he’s made a difference for this team and for himself.

Sirod Cook (’17), who is often called “Cookie” started football at the age of six. He said, “My parents signed me up for it and I instantly fell in love with the game!” He doesn’t love the game for the chance of stardom or recognition though. Cook commented, “I like being able to play the game I love with my brothers.” Adding this chemistry with his work ethic and passion for the game, he is an unstoppable force on the field for the Eagles.

His other teammates admire him for his work ethic and leadership on and off the field. Brandon Bullins (’18) stated, “I would say the best thing about Cook is that he leads on the field. When he comes off the sideline, he talks the D-Line up and tries to fix any issues that happened on that drive. He also congratulates the offense and makes sure he’s always on the same page with coach.”

When asked about taking on a leadership role for the team, Cook said, “It feels good to be a leader because I can provide guidance for the younger players and be somebody they can look up to as a friend and a teammate.”

With all of this unity, his leadership with other players have definitely caused some memorable moments for the whole team. Bullins said, “My favorite moment with Cookie was when he gave us a speech about how we need to be more successful and treat the coaches with better respect.” Others, like Steven Badger (’17) have favorite moments with Cook based off of his success on the field. He said his favorite moment was, “Running with him and celebrating his interception for a touchdown in the West Forsyth game this year.”

With all of this hard work and brotherhood that Cook inspires in other teammates, there’s no doubt that he cares about this team and has an enormous love for the game. We wish Cook the best of luck with all of his future endeavors. 

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