Welcome To The Coalition

Welcome to the dark side of gaming! The Gears of War franchise has been around since 2006, and it’s known for showing the gritty side of gaming. The games take place in a world where humans have to fight for survival against a whole new species of beings who go by the name “Locusts”.

After many years of fighting between the two races, and many deaths between them, the war finally ended at the conclusion of Gears of War 3, and the humans ended up winning. But after a couple of years of peace, a new enemy emerges — an enemy that will trouble future generations. This is the conflict that plays out in the story of Gears of War 4.

Many people harbor different feelings for the creation of a brand new Gears game, some people think that the franchise has reached the end of its life, while others believe that it will bring back the original feelings. Carlo De Leon (‘17) said, “I feel that this game is going to be good; games always deserve a fair chance when it first comes out.”

“This game might be the finale to the franchise and maybe it should, but there is always a point at which they need to stop,” said Nick McPherson (‘17). There tends to be a lot of gaming companies that try to keep their series alive way past their actual game lifetime. Some games should end while they are at a high so that it will leave a better legacy behind it.

There are also some new characters that have been placed into the Gears of War universe.  Players will be moving throughout the game as the son of Marcus Fenix, the main character in the first three games in the franchise. McPherson said, “I like the characters; it will be refreshing that there are new characters and not the old ones.”

JD Fenix is the main character and he is followed by two other characters, Kate Diaz and Delmont Walker, who will help him through his journey. This game will either make or break the franchise, and will change the future destiny of Gears of War.

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