Trump vs. Clinton


Elections can be dividing, turning brother against brother and friend against friend. Our political views are a major aspect of who we are and affect who we surround ourselves with.

North Carolina plays a particularly important role in this year’s presidential election. The way our elections work is rather simple. Every state has a certain number of delegates, and whichever candidate gets the most votes in that state gets the total number of delegates in that state. More populated states have more delegates, California having the most with 55, and less populated states have fewer delegates. Whichever candidate reaches 270 delegates wins the presidency.

We as a country have a big decision to make in November: put Democrat Hillary Clinton into the White House, which has had a democratic president for the past eight years, or make a party change and elect republican Donald Trump as our next president. Either way, this election has been a rough one for both candidates.

Clinton has taken some hits throughout her campaign. Her email scandal (which continues to plague her credibility with voters), her recent health concerns, and other rumors that have voters questioning her ability to serve.

Trump has had his fair share of fall-outs with the public, and accusations of racism have persisted throughout his campaign, among other outrageous statements that have some questioning whether he will be able to be a presidential leader.

As it stands now, Clinton leads key states like Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin. However, Trump is leading in Ohio and Florida. Combined, the states have 47 delegates and are two of the most hard-fought over states. Based on current polls from Real Clear Politics, if the election were to happen today Clinton would win by a thin margin of 2 delegates, but the polls are continuing to move each day.

Even with the battleground states Trump is currently winning, he has a long hard race before November 8th. He has to work hard to stay ahead in the states he does have, and flip a few more if he wants to win the presidency.

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