The Walking Dead Bites Back!

It is that time of the year again. The Walking Dead is back. Season 6 ended with such a big cliffhanger that left a major question in everybody’s mind: “Who got killed by Negan?” The final scene of Season 6 showed the main group kneeling on the ground in a line, waiting for Negan to choose which one of them would die.

“I really think Negan killed Maggie,” said Reese Barker (‘17). There have been many theories about who Negan killed, and according to the Walking Dead comic book, fan favorite Glenn gets killed by him. Everyone in the line-up has a chance of dying at this point. “I think Negan didn’t kill anyone,” said Vinny Tucciarone (‘17). But out of all the theories presented by fans, this one isn’t too common.

No matter who gets killed by Negan, the murder will become a major turning point in the series. “The show, I believe, is finally at a high point. There is a new enemy that is well known by the community, but people actually fear this guy,” said Barker. Even though the show is popular, many people may think that the show will be coming to an end soon. “I feel the show is kind of repeating itself with the group finding a safe haven, then something bad happens to it and someone dies,” said Tucciarone.

The show could in fact be coming to an end ]soon. There are many fan theories circulating online about how long the show will actually run. Even the Film Theorist’s YouTube channel stated that the walkers in the show are decomposing on their own and that it would only be a matter of time before the show ends… or the group continues to move north, where the walkers will last longer.

“I think this season will be heartbreaking,” said Barker. Not everyone gets a happy ending on the show, especially with all of the past characters who have died. This is all that’s known for now, until the season premieres on October 23rd. Believe us, it is going to be a rough one.


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