The Passion Of The Premier League Here At East Forsyth


The Barclays Premier League is more than a sport; it is a lifestyle. It is by far the most popular league in soccer, and in sports all together. The Premier League now is in full swing, with Manchester City leading the league at the top. You will never see more passionate fans than those in the Premier League.

They have the most viewership in the world, even more than the Super Bowl. The most watched Super Bowl was Super Bowl XLIX, which had 115.2 million viewers. The most watched Premier League match (as of 2015) was a mid-season match between Arsenal vs. Manchester United in November 2014 and there were 141 million people watching the match. The fans are the most passionate, energetic, and loud fans you’ll find in any sport.

Even here at East Forsyth High School, student Matthew Hedgecock (18’) is a massive Chelsea fan and watches their games every weekend. Hedgecock said, “All I look forward to on the weekends is watching my team play. It’ll determine my mood for the weekend.” This league is beloved worldwide, unlike sports that are tied to one nation. Nobody in Australia or China really cares about the NFL, but everybody cares about the Premier League.

You can even see these teams on their pre-season tours in the United States, Australia, and Asia. Hedgecock also added, “There’s nothing like that feeling when you see the ball go into the net and see everybody celebrating as a young child on Christmas morning. And when your team actually wins the league like how Chelsea did two years ago, it’s heaven.”

Caleb Vaughn (‘17) also commented on his passion for Premier League soccer. Vaughn said, “Watching Manchester City on the weekends has been one of my biggest hobbies. I do not know if I could truly go through my weekend and miss the City game.” He also claimed, “The passion for watching The Premier League brings people together and makes for wonderful yet intense conversation between friends.”

The Barclays Premier League is truly a lifestyle. People are willing to pay a somewhat naive amount of money just to go see their team in person. Some people say it’s just a game, but if you ask any of these passionate, loving, hardcore fans, they’ll say it’s something so much more.

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