Friday Night Football Frenzy Is Back

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After such a successful season last year, Friday night lights are back in Kernersville shining down on one of the brightest teams in North Carolina. East Forsyth, no doubt, has a lot of talent on this year’s team, but what really makes them great is the chemistry they have together.

East Forsyth players and coaches for this team have a very strong drive in order to reach the same goal: to win a state title. Even though they have lost quite a few seniors, the team has found a way to come together for a very strong start. Coach Willert said, “Our expectations are to win conference and hopefully win a state title, I mean, that’s our goal and our objective for this year.” Steven Badger (‘17) shares a similar opinion, “We expect ourselves to grow into a new and better team.”

Reflecting on last year, the Eagles made it to the state semifinals, but ended up losing in a valiant effort to Mallard Creek. The Eagles reflect on that not with disappointment, but with more fuel to revivify those hopes. Cam Lischke (‘18) commented, “We know that we were only 30 seconds from a state title. But we also know that that was last year. This is this year. We can’t piggyback off of last year’s team. We have to make a name for ourselves.” Willert stated, “Well, falling one game short of the state championship game basically, and trying to build from that. But we have to take care of conference first and then we have to keep on rolling.”

The strongest points in the Eagles’ game is their will, the relentless force they have for attacking opponents at the start of the game, and their defense. Lischke said, “Right now it’s proving to be our defense. Other than Page, we’ve held our opponents to far less points than expected.” Badger replied, “I’d say the way we attack our opponents and the coaching that we have starting out the games intimidates most teams.”

Though talent is very evident in the Eagles, it’s the way they work together as a cohesive unit that really galvanizes the entire team.

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