Classic vs. Modern Halloween Movies: Which Is Better?

Fall is not just about the changing of the weather or fun festivities like the fair, but it also includes a pretty popular holiday: Halloween. When you think about the month of October, Halloween is one of the first things that comes to mind. For some, it’s considered a favorite because they can dress up as their favorite character or show off their creative side by making their own costume, but nothing beats the thrill you encounter when watching a scary movie.

Scary movies are really the only form of entertainment you’ll find on TV on Halloween night. Many networks stream some of the scariest movies, to not only frighten you, but excite you as well. Whether it’s a modern movie or just a Halloween Disney classic, you still watch with amusement.

Gretia Yancey (’18) said Twitches is her favorite Halloween Disney movie. Yancey also said she is excited for the movie Annabelle, which is coming out in 2017. “I feel the newer movies are better because they’re a lot more scary,” she said.

Jomaad Cater (’18) said that his favorite Halloween movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Cater said, “I’m not a fan of scary movies,” though he feels the newer scary movies are better than the older ones because they are more updated.

Sierrah Spach (’19) said that her favorite Halloween movie is Halloween Town. Spach said she isn’t excited about any new movies coming out so far. She also voiced that “any older Disney classics” are better than the newer movies.

So, as you can see, movies are a big part of the excitement people have on Halloween. Whether it’s their favorite Disney movie, or a horror movie, either way you are bound to be in the mood to watch.

Some people prefer the older Disney classics rather than the more modern movies simply because they are classics. While others like the more modern movies better because there is more technology that allows for more creativity and scarier/newer ideas. No matter what type of movie you choose, modern or a classic, just make sure you have your favorite snacks and candy while you watch!

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