New Rules: Tardies Drool, Detention Policy Enforced At East

The new tardy policy is up and running! No more roaming the halls, breezeways, and parking lots! Due to the newly enforced rules at East Forsyth High School all students must obey the rules or receive the consequences listed below:

  • 1-2 tardies includes a call or email to a parent or guardian
  • 3-4 tardies includes after school detention
  • 5-6 tardies will be the punishment of Saturday school.

Saturday school isn’t just happening at East Forsyth, but at different schools around the county as well. Some believe that Saturday school is a good punishment, while others, like Seth Blackburn (’19) explained that “the detention punishment is fine, but coming into class 5 minutes late a few times doesn’t deserve Saturday school.”

The new rules were created by the administration and staff of East Forsyth. “The purpose is not punishment,” said Mr. Bass. “it’s to get kids to class on time.” But are the new rules fair to all students?

Freshmen and sophomores cannot transport themselves to school and must rely on the bus, parents, or older siblings. The students may be ready to leave in the mornings, but their parents can struggle to get them to school on time. “I think it’s helping the people who can drive, but it’s not fair for the people who can’t because their parents may not have the time to take them, or their parents may be running late while the student is ready on time,” explained Abigail Williams (’17) who now drives herself to school.

Many juniors and seniors are taking classes at the Career Center or Forsyth Tech, and due to traffic and short travel periods, it’s hard to make it back in time. “I take a class for Finance Academy on Tuesday mornings from 8:00-9:15, and because I want to be a teacher, I am also taking Teacher Cadets on A days, so it’s kind of unfair that I’m having to sign in and get those tardies even though I can’t prevent it,” said Sara Hintz (’17).

The new tardy policy isn’t made to hurt students, it is just to help get everyone to class on time. And how do the teachers feel about keeping track of tardies? They are not worried about the policy. “My students are afraid to be late for my class,” said Ms. Branoff, who teaches Math 3 and Pre-Calculus. Overall the new policy is not to anger or upset students, all you need to do is get to class on time!

Everybody is going to have one of those rough and tough days, but don’t let them overcome you. If you always get to school right before the bell rings, maybe it’s time to wake up earlier or to not make that stop at Starbucks. Don’t let fancy coffee drinks cause you to have detention or Saturday school!

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