Field Hockey Creates Camaraderie


Field hockey is popular sport in many different countries around the world and has a rich history. The earliest origins of the sport date back to the Middle Ages in England, Scotland and the Netherlands. For those who have no idea field hockey is, it is a field sport played with a candy cane-shaped stick made of fiberglass, and a plastic ball a little larger than a lacrosse ball. The game can also be played indoors or on turf.

East Forsyth’s field hockey team was only established in 2012, so it is still a fairly new team. The team’s most successful run was last year in the 2015-2016 season with a record of 5-10.

This season was a little different because more freshmen than usual joined the team. Field hockey only has one team, a varsity team. Unfortunately, the field hockey team has a record of 0-7, but because the team is an even mixture of underclassmen and upperclassmen, it can’t be compared to other varsity teams on campus. Every game played is in the team’s conference because the state of North Carolina only has twenty-four field hockey teams total.

Many of the players love having only one team because it makes everyone super close. “I enjoy how the returning girls help out the new girls and how friendly everyone is,” said Maggie Bryson (‘20). Some of the players even expressed that the team is really more like a family. Heather Lineberry (‘18) said, “It is one of the best experiences. I’ve made a lot of friends who I wouldn’t have met without field hockey.”

Field hockey is slowly but surely growing in North Carolina across high school.  Coach Keyes, the head coach, said “Girls should join the team to help build the program to gain more popularity for the sport, and we also have a great time together!”

People overlook field hockey because it’s a fairly new sport, and some people don’t even know that East has a field hockey team. Lineberry also commented that “the school hasn’t done enough to get the word out about us.” Field hockey really is a fun sport to learn and play. If you’re having a bad day, it’s great to have great friends to talk to (and to hit balls really hard at the same time).

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