ITT Tech Shuts Down

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Courtesy of ABC

ITT Tech students were left in frustration and anger as all 130 campuses in 38 states are suddenly shut down. When the government cut off federal financial aid for new students, ITT had to make the decision to shut down since the for-profit college relied on federal grants and student loans to function. In addition to the shutdown, ITT Tech is also facing charges after the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau claimed the schools have been scamming their students.

According to the NPR, after an investigation from state attorneys generals, they have found that ITT may have misled their students about job opportunities and accepted students not qualified for the technical programs they offered.

Now around 35,000 of the enrolled students have to decide on one of two options: to transfer their credits to an institution that accepts them, or to start over. These students would be left to apply for financial forgiveness if they qualify and would in turn have to go elsewhere and restart the process. Not only will students be negatively impacted, but so will the 8,000 ITT Tech employees who will be laid off due to the closure. The Department of Education reportedly said their decision was made after the Institute failed to implement regulations in at least 21 areas according to KSHB news. They also found that these schools had among the lowest graduation rates with among the highest rates in student loan defaults.

After ITT Tech announced they were shutting down, they said they would work towards helping their students pursue an education elsewhere.

Mrs. Hilton said the most affected by the institute’s closure will probably be military students.

The majority of the people who attend these for-profit universities are looking for jobs that require vocational training, technical, and other mid-level job skills. Mrs. Hilton who previously worked at an ITT Tech Institute said, “Higher education such as for profit universities are very beneficial to non-traditional students because of their flexibility in schedules… and the faculty support they offer their wide variety of students.”  

The Institution hopes to encourage community colleges to accept their students’ credits soon.


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