Athlete of the Month: Rachel Meares


After four years of volleyball at East Forsyth, Rachel Meares (’17) is about to graduate and put up her jersey, but she is having a great time playing on her way out of the school’s program. She has loved playing volleyball each year, especially this year, and she is having a very successful season so far.

For many high school athletes, their senior season should be their most enjoyable and memorable season because they play such a large role on the team. When asked about her last year of playing and being a senior, Meares commented, “I’m excited to be a senior, but it’s also sad because I’ve made a lot of friends on the team and I won’t play in college, so this is the last time I’m really going to enjoy it.” Meares is planning to have a very rewarding last year with the team.

Thanks to the four years of play she has taken up the role of a leader and she is doing a great job leading the team to a great start of the season. She has always preformed well for the team, and consistently tries to keep the team feeling motivated. She gives it her all and tries as hard as she can to support her team. When interviewed about this leading role and what it means to her, she said, “It’s helped me a lot with being a leader outside of the sport, and it’s helped me find my true identity.” Meares has developed as a person and player throughout these four years of play at East and has learned to take control of certain situations.

With all the hard work put into the last four seasons, many senior athletes grow a strong attachment with their teammates, coaches, and just the overall program. When asked about what she was going to miss the most from the volleyball program here at East, she said,”I am definitely going to miss the friendships I have made over the years.”

Teammates always have a strong bond and that bond gets  even stronger if you have been with those same teammates for four years. Meares and her teammates have become her best friends and who she holds closest to her. Coach Terry must be very proud to be coaching a player and leader like Meares. We wish the best for Meares during her final season.

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