Talon Seniors

The 2016 school year is coming to an end as we say good luck to our Talon Staff Seniors. Newspaper is not just a class where we cover stories of Kernersville, but where we create memories that we will never forget.

Tim Fiore, Brad Nunn, and Kenna Osenga are our Eagles leaving the nest this year. As they soar into their new life, the memories they carry with them are unforgettable. “Distributing newspapers to Mr. Sapp, Mrs. Agee, and Mrs. Hilton is what I’ll always remember. They are my favorite teachers and handing them a newspaper that my staff and I worked on so hard, is the best feeling. Seeing that hard work shine,” says Osenga. Of course there are other times when we goof off a little too much, Fiore said. “My favorite memory is when one of my buddies got kicked out of class, we all laughed.” Nunn stated, “Of course the pizza parties are my best memories, who can forget the pizza?” We can all say that was something the staff always enjoyed, eating delicious pizza and looking at the freshly printed newspaper in celebration sure is a treat.

Although we had many parties and celebrations, because we’re really like a big family…we still take with us the things we learn from such an atmosphere. Osenga will take the skills such as “how to use a computer program to format and better grammar” with her through life, which comes in handy for those college essays. The most important thing Fiore learned was apparently that, “deadlines are no joke…kinda.” With such a laid back attitude, you’d think we never worked, but don’t listen to Fiore, we always get our stuff done. “I love the balance of freedom and responsibility that Ms. Messiano offers us but doesn’t let us take advantage of. Newspaper has helped me with other classes, especially by doing the interviews and stuff. I had to learn how to write so that people are interested in what I say,” he said. On the other hand, Nunn said, “The most important thing newspaper has taught me is to be a team player.” That especially is a trait that you will benefit from in this world.

Overall, newspaper provided us with responsibilities, friends, and memories we will share together. Fiore said he would have to miss “the debates with Ms. Messiano” most of all. While Fiore takes those intense moments with him, Osenga will always carry “how to work as a team and be responsible in any form of work” and Nunn will “always use the writing skills.”

We wish these seniors a good time as they travel off to new heights. Osenga will be attending Appalachian State University, majoring in middle grades education, and Fiore and Nunn will be both attending NC State. Good luck, seniors!!

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