Senior Year Success!


Senior year, the last lap. Juniors, I hate to be the one to break this to you, but unlike you have been told for so long, this is not your goof-off year. Yes I understand, as a former Junior, that this is the last thing that you want to hear. You all are completely burnt out from the hard classes, the ACTs, the SATs, and the pressure unlike anything that you have experienced before. For the majority of you, this year is crucial to your future. As a survivor of Junior year, and now almost Senior year, I can tell you five major “Tips for Success” that will provide you with a checklist to the final lap.

Take a challenging class-load!

  • This doesn’t mean that you have to kill yourself this year with mountains of homework and nightmarish tests. But you do have to show that you didn’t just give up and slack off your  senior year. Junior year is very important to colleges, but Senior year shows that you can maintain your work ethic. You can take harder classes if you desire, but maintain your work ethic works as well.

Finish, if you haven’t already, taking your ACTs and SATs.

  • Senior year you will be presented your last chances to be able to take these tests and to get the scores that you want and have been working towards. is the website that you want to go to see what test dates are still to  come and when to  sign up.

As soon as you can, start looking at college application essays online.

  • is the website to be checking out this summer. As soon as the essays appear online, start to plan what you will write so colleges will be able to be able to have an inside look on who you are as a person. I promise you, even though I had many determined classmates try, these essays are not to be done the night before! Though is the application to many colleges, it doesn’t have all of them! Some colleges will have separate applications on their website.

Start your application AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

  • You need to make sure that you will be able to fill out all of the information that these applications need. There are questions everywhere from your citizenship to how you have impacted your school. Being able to look at these questions early will provide you with opportunity to maybe participate in activities that can be resumed fillers.

And lastly, take advantage of this year.

  • You made it. Every thing you done has gotten you to this point in your life. Congratulations! Take a moment and smell the roses. Make sure that you do try to be an active part of this school your senior year. Go to the football games, the basketball games, be a member of clubs and take every moment in. This year is your last year before everything changes, have fun!

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