So What Happened To The Boy’s Bathroom?


Many rumors have circulated as to what has happened to all of the boy’s bathrooms on campus. A lot of these speculations involve one certain incident that closed all the bathrooms, but that is NOT the case, and I’m here to set the story straight!

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, or just don’t pay attention to what your classmates or teachers are saying, I’ll give you the summarized rundown: all of the boy’s bathrooms were temporarily closed for two months. The only bathroom that has been unscathed is the one on the bottom floor in the 1100 building.

Starting with the least disastrous incident, is the one that happened in the 200 building. Grayson Crisp (’17) said, “All I saw was a spider’s nest in one of the stalls and I got out of there as quick as possible.” Under further investigation, the spider’s nest took over a stall and later flooded into the entire bathroom. A similar event transpired in the 400 building, except with Venus Flytrap plants.

The 800 building bathroom’s disaster was a result of a technology class project gone wrong. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee robots developed a mind of their own and turned the bathroom into their lair. The walls couldn’t contain the transformers, and the bathroom was immediately closed for students’ safety.

But that’s nothing compared to the 300 building, where the infamous Batcave was exposed. A student caught on to Batman’s hideout when he found a bat-shaped ninja star, and The Talon went on a mission to find out the truth. After typing a secret code into the cinder blocks, I went into the Batcave and found Batman chilling on the Batmobile, eating cookies from the cafeteria.

Last incident worth reporting is at the top of the 1100 building. The delorean from Back to the Future was found in one of the stalls and only a select few people could few this exhibit for a limited amount of time. We found a picture of Erick Messer in a newspaper from 1955, and we’re thinking he made have gone back to the future before the delorean was taken off the property.

No matter the event, all these bathrooms were closed for rather wacky and wild reasons. Some of these weren’t mentioned, but you got the rundown of why the bathrooms were closed.

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