Sasquatch At East?


These past few months have been agonizing as police have covertly been investigating the woods that surround East Forsyth. There have been numerous sightings over the last few months  of an exceptionally large being appearing around the top lot and most recently was photographed wandering around inside the buildings. 

Some have jumped to the conclusion that this strange tall being is a Sasquatch. That belief is now being heavily supported by the creature caught on camera breaking into buildings at night and more specifically, barging into the boy’s bathrooms and exposing the mysterious Underworld that lives beneath East. 

The discovery can end in devastating results as too much exposure to the Underworld can lead to a sinkhole forming around the whole property of East. Rumors say that the sinkhole leads to a magical world called Narnia, where the Sasquatch is rumored to have originated. Some students believe the Sasquatch was trying to get home through the toilet portal — much like the entrance to the Ministry of Magic. Administrators quickly responded by shutting the boy’s bathrooms and spreading rumors of vandalism as a cover story. 

Reportedly, students who are known for going hunting have been harassed by the Sasquatch. Their cars have been found flipped over and encounters outside of class have left them disturbed and needing of therapy. Students who do not hunt and have met the creature, say this is odd behavior for him as he is normally well behaved and friendly.

Kids have responded warmly to the Sasquatch’s presence at East because many teachers have reported arriving in the morning to find their whole lesson plans for the day eaten and ripped apart. The case has gotten so bad for some teachers that they have been hauling off most of their desk supplies with them when they leave for home. 

The yearbook students attribute a lot of the yearbook publications to the Sasquatch for they believe that Sasquatch has been barging into the yearbook room and giving a helping hand to the yearbook.

One student who wished to be unnamed stated that the Bigfoot’s work was “flawless.”  In fact his work was so flawless that he was reportedly “hired” by Mr. Bass to clean up all of the balloons that were left in the 1100 building. His reward was math textbooks, which he enjoyed eating. 



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