Let Them Drive!


Congrats Sophomores! The war about driving on campus has finally been concluded! Next year any Sophomore who would like to drive on campus has the option to next year. The cost is extra, going from $115 to $215, and the parking pass is color coated a dark blue to represent who is a sophomore and who is not.  This extra money is going to something very special, a parking lot designed for sophomores only.

The new parking lot is being built where the baseball field is, and a moving sidewalk is being built as well. It allows for sophomores to get to class way faster! They will also have a Cookout food truck and a pop-up Chic-fil-A.

“I think allowing sophomores to drive on campus is a great idea! I can get a great workout walking down from the top lot if sophomores park in spots they aren’t allowed to. It also makes me feel better their parking passes are more than mine,” said Emily Fox (’17). Some juniors and seniors are shrugging at the change for the sophomores being allowed to drive on campus finally, but not all juniors.

Sophomores are off the walls excited about it, especially Connor Sparrow who said, “I’m so extremely overjoyed I’m finally getting to legally drive on campus after months of having my license! No more rainy days of having to park across the street and then having to scrape the mud off my shoes.

Sparrow then went on to compare the new rule to being the best thing since sliced bread.

“I wasn’t allowed to drive on campus as a sophomore, so I don’t think they should either. It’s kind of unfair, and I’m not excited at all. I mean there’s nothing wrong with having to walk across the street. It’s a good workout,” complained Sarah Snider (’17).

It’s not so bad though! Sure there’s going to be more traffic, less space, maybe a couple more fender benders but it won’t be so terrible. In fact, sophomores are rumored to be getting their own valet parking assistants to avoid damages and accidents. With the new parking lot, it should be more efficient and way easier getting everyone out of school after the bell rings. Who cares if it takes an extra hour to get out of school?

So have a good time sophomores in your new parking lot and watch out for those upset juniors and seniors!

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