Fall Play Announced 

img_5088With the Talon Theatrical Company wrapping up their spring musical, The Wizard of Oz, they had to start thinking of what to perform for the fall play. After doing Oz, the company knew they would have a hard time topping such a large production, but they’re going to try.

The company has decided on a ginormous undertaking. The company will be performing the entire “Gone With the Wind” production, which is a four hour play. They know that it is a risk, but feel that it is worth the work. And even though it is extremely long, the audiences should not mind.

Discussions are already being made about who will be cast in the star role of Scarlett O’Hara. But Ms. Tiffany Burgess is being very tight lipped about who is in the running. She says until after the cast list is posted, no one will know her casting decisions.

One of the largest and well known scenes in the story is the scene in which the city of Atlanta is burned to the ground by the Union soldiers. The main character, Scarlett, must escape with her family. To portray this scene, the company is planning on actually setting the East Forsyth auditorium on fire. They will have firefighters on stand by and also ambulances will be waiting outside just in case anyone is burned. If you are attending the play, you might want to bring your fire proof blanket for safety reasons.

To top everything off, the cast of the original 1939 film will be there to help coach the young eagle actors. They are very excited to get to have these very experienced actors come and help them and gain critical knowledge on how to survive in Hollywood for as long as these actors have. When asked what he thought about these new mentors, Ben Casinger (’18) said, “Well I’ve never really liked ‘Gone With the Wind,’ but I know if anyone who can do a better job than Clark Gable…It’s me. The greatest up in coming actor of the 21st century.”

This play is not only be the best play put on by East Forsyth, but also the best performance seen around the country.


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