AOTM: Mrs. Neugent

Who says all athletes have to wear capes…and play sports?  School secretary Mrs. Neugent is an athlete in her own way, and can even be described as the “office captain.”

What does Mrs. Neugent do that makes her worthy of such a prestigious honor one may ask?  First off she is constantly dealing with the slew of students who come in tardy everyday because they have given up on their future.  From excuses like, “I slept in” to “I had to walk to school,” Mrs. Neugent is constantly sorting through the trash to find the truth.

Detecting lies comes in handy later in Mrs. Neugent’s day, especially when it comes to the massive amounts of signing out notes she gets from students, who again, don’t care about their future.  I mean seriously how many doctors appointments can one senior have over the course of one week?

Another great attribute of our school’s secretary — her memory.  Mrs. Neugent has all of the room numbers memorized so calling down to sign out students is completed in a jiffy. She can call into three buildings at once with ease. Her beautiful, yet strong, empowering voice can be heard over the intercom almost daily and she means business, as all office athletes do. Did you lie about bringing in an absence note a month ago? Mrs. Neugent will know you’re lying. She’ll remember that you never brought it a note. She always remembers.

Mrs. Neugent’s office teammates had very positive remarks for their fearless leader.  Fellow secretary Mrs. Brandis said, “Cindy is one of my best friends.  She is always there ruling with an iron fist if a student tries to get mischievous in the office.”  Mrs Dull also added, “I love sharing the office with a person who has been chosen as athlete of the month.”

From one athlete to another, I completely respect all of Mrs. Neugent’s endeavors.  Without her, the office would not run as smoothly as it does.  She is the true “office bull” and if you mess with her, you will undoubtedly get the horns. Congratulate Mrs. Neugent the next time you see her!

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