Alternative Experiences For Summer Work


Taking an AP class next year and worried about the summer work? Fret no more Eagles!

Summer work has been disbanded if you have had at least a 70% in your current AP class or a 90% in your honors class. If you do not meet this criteria, then you can talk to your AP teacher and find out another way to compensate.

The other options you have instead of doing summer work includes: volunteering at the zoo to clean the cages, being your teachers personal assistant for a month, cleaning the entire school for a week out of the summer, and cleaning the school bathrooms whenever you are asked to do so.  You may also have to mow every field on campus and tend to the general look of the campus. In lieu of AP Psych homework, you can opt to “untrain” fifty dogs, but they were all owned by Pavlov, so good luck with that.

There is also a class they have offered to replace this summer work which lasts on Saturdays and Sundays from six in the morning until eight at night. You have to attend 15 out of 20 of these classes to be able to pass your summer work.

Despite these many opportunities, the teachers who typically have summer work, expect there to be a few students who fail to try and accommodate to this change. The students who do not participate in any of the above will have double the amount of summer work.

Rising juniors who plan to take AP Language and Composition typically have to read an assigned book and write dialectical journals, but if you do not participate in the alternatives, then you will have to read two assigned books and write 100 dialectical journals.

The amount of work that you would have to make up depends on the course and the teacher, but it’s safe to say it would be easier to clean or obey your teachers.

Instead of still having piles of homework to do over the summer, you will be able to relax! You wont have to stress about homework!  Enjoy your summer eagles!

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