The Walking Dead Comes To Kernersville



The intense season finale of The Walking Dead shocked many fans and left them in the dark with what is to come. But after careful consideration, The Walking Dead seems to be coming to Kernersville for season 7. Kernersville has become the key location for filming the upcoming season (because of destroying their previous filming locations and leaving behind real zombies).

Residents have become excited that the show is going to come to Kernersville, and many of them will have the opportunity to act as a walker, moving within the hordes of walkers that will appear in the new season.  Vinny Tucciarone (’17) said, “I can’t wait for them to start filming here, and I hope they allow us to help out with the production.” This will also be an opportunity for people to find their fame within the acting industry.

East Forsyth will be offering Zombie 101 classes as electives to help students with their auditions for the show. Mr. Bass will be training with the production team this summer to perfect his zombie walk, voice, and make-up.

The production team will also get in touch with the drama department at East Forsyth High School so that many people who have a passion for acting can work with people in the industry. John Smith (’16) said, “I hope that I can get my big break from this so that I can possibly get a job in the acting industry and be a zombie forever.” Everybody is excited for this new opportunity, and East students hope that they will come film soon.

Expect there to be an increase in traffic, as many people will have trouble getting from place to place with the roads closed for filming. Right now they are trying to figure out detours for drivers who are going through town and wanting to avoid the apocalypse. Nikolai Man said, “It will be a bit difficult to go about in Kernersville when they are filming, but it will be worth it, since it will be giving publicity to the small town.”

The Walking Dead will come to Kernersville soon. Perfect your zombie impressions, Eagles!

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