Teachers Are Switching Roles

Teachers across campus have taught the same subject year after year with the same old curriculum and the same old lectures. They have become so bored with their teaching lives that they have resulted to repeatedly banging their heads against the wall to pass the time. In order to add some excitement to their lives, teachers have come up with a solution that will relieve their boredom and put an interesting twist on learning.

As an alternative to teaching boring subjects, every course offered at East Forsyth will be written on a slip of paper and put in a hat for teachers to randomly choose. The class that a teacher chooses will be what they will teach for about six months before boredom strikes again. Starting next year, teachers will be switching roles and teaching their chosen course. The selection will take place on the last day of school, so teachers can prepare over the summer.

The counselors in Student Services, the office administration, and the janitors will also be participating in this school wide occupational switch. Who knows, your teacher may become the next East Forsyth principal… or they could be your new janitor. Maybe Mr. Bass will be the next theater teacher as he was amazing in his debut as a winkie in The Wizard of Oz!

The Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Board has stated that it fully supports the upcoming change in teacher positions. The board said, “Our teachers are our first priority. If they are bored and want to change subjects, we will support them every step of the way. While the teachers won’t be able to teach students the correct information, student test scores are the least of our worries. It doesn’t matter if students fail the exams! We want to make sure all of our teachers are comfortable and excited to teach.”

It has been announced that any student that complains about the teachers’ lack of knowledge in their new subject will be expelled immediately. Gertrude Howell (’17)  said, “This is new ‘plan’ is a horrible idea! Teachers who know nothing about another subject should not teach that class!” However, Howell’s opinion has made no difference in the grand scheme of things as she was expelled after making this statement.

Good luck to all the teachers that will be switching roles and even more so to their students! Next year is going to be a great one!


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