Snapchat Block!

Do you like snapchatting your friends during class? Well, at East Forsyth, your favorite social media activity is becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to new technology from AT&T, special towers are going up around campuses of WS/FCS to block any signal coming from social media. Yes, this includes SnapChat, Kik, and most social media platforms. Yes, you will actually need to put down the phone and look up at your teacher. We know it sounds crazy, but you’d better get used to it. And no, VPN won’t help you.

Recent legislation from the North Carolina General Assembly, known as Education House Bill 3 (EHB3), there were well fought out arguments that lead to the passing of this legislation. According to AT&T, they are spending the money that they stole from Verizon to physically place these towers around schools around the state.

“I’m confused,” said Riley Lowe (’18). “It doesn’t make sense to block SnapChat. The whole reason I come to East is to take SnapChats with a dog filter. The government can’t take away my civil rights like that. Ughhhh.”

Similar pieces of this legislation is running rampant across the United States and even in Canada. “It has been scientifically proven that the human brain can only do one thing at a time,” said Nick Boil, representative of AT&T, “our kids today have put so much attention to their phone, that we have come to the point where we need to take legal action to keep education at the front of our kids’ minds.”

As expected, there is huge backlash from students across the state. “I’m on the verge of dropping out and moving to England” said Martha McGray (’19). “We have grown up in this country expecting the tiniest sliver of freedom, then when we get to high school, the ‘gateway to freedom’, we can’t even use our phones during free time.”

“I personally believe that it’s a great idea” said every teacher ever at East Forsyth. “My students have a tendency to get distracted by their phones when I am attempting to teach. It is quite annoying.”

As a student body newspaper, we personally believe that this legislation goes a little too far to make students stay off their phone. What do you think? Submit your opinions to Room 1412, under file 13.


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