Prom To Require Mandatory Costume Attire

Prom is one of the biggest events that occur during the school year. Most people are excited for it and cannot wait to get dressed up and enjoy a night of fun with their friends. Unfortunately next year’s prom is going to be a little different for those who plan on attending.

Usually the dress code is simple, and the school advises you to not show to much skin, but for next year, the dress code is going to change drastically.

Next year’s attire is going to include the craziest costumes you can imagine like banana suits, skeleton costumes, crazy brightly colored wigs, and much more. In order to get into to prom you have to follow this dress code or else you will not be able to enter the event.

Violations that can get you kicked out of prom include pretty elegant dresses and/or any nicely made suits. The point of this change is to enhance the creative side of the students here at East and make prom more lively like and fun.

Peter Piper (’17) stated, “I like the idea of Halloween costumes as the new dress code for prom.” Piper feels as though it will be a fun and exciting thing and it’s something we have never done before. Piper also stated that he thinks prom will be a success.

Snow White (’16) loves the idea of costumes being worn for prom. White said, “I think it’s going to be a huge turn out and it gives people the chance to be creative.”

Daffy Duck (’16) stated, “I hate the idea of dressing in Halloween costumes I think it’s stupid and no fun.” Duck feels that it’s not going to be a success because all of his friends enjoy dressing up, and they don’t want that to change.

Queen Latifah (the Civics teacher) said, “I like the idea of Halloween costumes for prom.” Latifah thinks it’s a great way for people to show their silly side and have fun for one night. Latifah also stated, “I think it’s going to be a major success!”

As you can see some are excited for prom, while others not so much, so we will have to wait and see how it goes next year….stay tuned.

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