No More SATs — “Realistic” Testing As Replacement

A common obstacle that every student dreads facing will no longer be a constant pain in high school. Starting in the fall of 2016, students will no longer be required to take the SAT to put on college applications. A new test is being instituted by College Board for all high school students planning to attend a college or university called the Standardized College Survival Test (SCST).

The SAT was made to test students’ preparedness for college level courses. Students were tested on three main sections: writing, critical reading, and mathematics. A student’s score would help colleges choose who would be accepted.

However, many colleges and universities came to the conclusion that the test was too difficult for some students, and it was not fair for those who do not test well. Also, many students complained that the test did not include relevant questions that would help predicting success in a career after college.

The SCST will contain 3 sections: classes, social life, and independence. Every question will relate to how to survive college. The total score of the test will be out of 1600, similar to the SAT.

The classes section will include questions relating to “based on your major, which of the following schedules would be the most difficult?” and “calculate how much sleep is needed with an average of 6 hours of homework a night.”

Other questions like “how do you make an easy snack when you and your roommate are hungry at 2 in the morning?” and “what is the best way to find a close group of friends who all have similar interests?” would be included in the social life section.

The final section, independence, contains miscellaneous questions as well as how to survive college without aid from a parent or guardian. Some questions may be similar to “how do you live off of $8.50 on your debit card for two weeks?” and “what do you do in the case of an urgent need for money when your car breaks down?”

Addie Watson (’17) is very excited about the change in standardized tests. Watson stated, “The SCST will be so different from the SAT. I’m excited about the independence questions because I will really need help with learning how to not spend all of my money on food.”

College Board will soon be releasing a study guide book for students to prepare themselves for the test. Good luck to all rising seniors who will be taking the SCST this fall!



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