Playground Team 2017!

playgroundAre you good at swinging on swings? Or sliding down the slide? Or even hanging from the money bars? If you can answer yes to all of these questions, then you need to tryout for the all new Playground Team starting next school year!

All schools in the area are equipping their fields with the exciting new playground equipment.  The team will meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Practices will involve relay races, proper sliding etiquette, and learning strategies to get across monkey bars quickly. The co-ed team will have practices and competitions throughout the year.

Marla Yokeley (’17) said, “I seriously cannot wait until next year. I’ve been practicing casually gliding down slides and I really sharpened my monkey bar skills this past summer. You’ll see me on that team for sure.”

The competitions will be a series of races. Each team will have someone who is specialized in each part of the playground. That team member will then be timed on how fast they can perform, and the different styles and tricks they can do while they perform.

Emma Marshall (’17) said, “I’m really glad that this team is coming to East before I leave so I can be a part of it. I have younger sisters so I’m always at the park, I can most definitely be the best in the city at the monkey bars!”

Conference and state competitions will be included as well. East Forysth will be in a conference with Walkertown, Glenn, Southwest Guilford, Northwest Guilford, High Point Central, and Ragsdale. The top three in the conference will be able to make it into the state playoffs.

Mackenzie Maree (’17) said, “Yeah…you’ll see me out there. I’ll swing from those monkey bars and I’ll slide down those slides casually on my stomach. I’ll win a lot of those competitions; I rule the playground.”

Make sure to come out and tryout for the all new Playground Team. During the summer, sharpen those playground skills and challenge local elementary school students at the park! Come out and show the rest of the schools that you are the best on the playground!

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